Karan 163 Barley


Horedum vulgare var. nudum

This is one of the two new “Karan” varieties I trialed this last summer. They are from the Karan 163 grainheadcollection maintained by Kusa. Karan 163 is a dwarf stature variety. It reached a height of 28 inches and matured in 90 days; much earlier than the maturity date supplied by KUSA. This is interesting, and I am not sure the cause other than the fact that all the excessive rain may have stressed the plants and forced them into maturing earlier. The protein content is reported to be 16% with a 3.5-3.8 percent lysine content. Like the other Karan varietals, it is reported to be successful with limited irrigation and inputs. It appears to have some disease resistance, especially to fusarium.

This variety will need further grow outs to determine it’s feasibility in the North.

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