Karan-16 Barley

Hordeum vulgare var. nudum

karan 16 4 1000 by 750This variety of hulless barley is one of 9 heirloom varieties I trialed in 2014. The majority of the seed came from The KUSA Seed Society. These are all human consumption types that are easily threshed and dehulled. Most barley grown here in Northern Indiana is raised for animal feed, forage, and straw. Barley is fairly susceptible to cereal diseases brought on by wet conditions during flower pollination. Lodge and disease resistant.

This barley varietal is from the “Miracle Seeds” collection developed in India a number of years ago, using natural plant breeding and selection techniques. Karan-16 is a six row barley, very short in stature reaching 12” – 14” in height. This variety tillers vigorously and combined with its height, allows it to be less susceptible to lodging (falling over in heavy rain or wind events). Karan-16, is reported to grow well with limited irrigation and inputs. I planted April 1st and harvested on July 4th.  Packets contain 7 grams (approx. 150 seed).

karan 16 2 1000 by 750

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  1. Jennings Smith says:

    when will karan 16 barley seed become available. I wish to obtain 6 packets of 150 seeds.

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