Gopal Barley


Hordeum vulgare

Gopal May 25 1000 by 750Gopal is a spring growth-habit, two row naked barley from India. I grew this variety out last summer (2014) and found that is was one of the best performers in the wettest spring season I have encountered. This spring (2015) was even wetter, followed by an unusually, wet early-summer. Once again, Gopal did very well. I had few issues with lodging and very minor disease problems. It is not as high yielding as some of the 6 row varieties but has some other, noteworthy qualities. It is a purple, hulless variety with a “fruity” smell when moist as well as a “note’ of  sweetness in flavor. Just handling the kernels at harvest left my fingers stained. This one could be interesting for malting in beer production. It grew to about 29 inches in height and matured in a little over 100 days. Not as easy to dehull as some of the other “food grade” barleys I grow. I plan to continue working with Gopal in future trials, selecting for higher yields and easier dehulling.

Gopal grain

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