Faust Barley

*Fall planting details below

Hordeum vulgare

faustThis is a hull-less, six row barley that is awnless. The seed was sent to me by a grower in Canada. It is considered to be an excellent food grade variety that is superior for cooking as a cereal, pilaf, etc. Faust did have some lodging issues and would benefit from support in areas with the potential for heavy rains. The plants reached about 3′ in height and tillered heavily.

Faust was named after A. J. Faust of Dillon, Montana, who developed this variety. Mr Faust found a single plant of this in a field of Himalaya barley. It was considered to be a “field hybrid”, possibly of Nepal X Himalaya.  Faust dates back to at least 1936, when it began to be mentioned in “The American Naturalist” publication and the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station Annual Report.


I planted a bed of Faust in the Fall of 2017. It survived the winter with no problems and produced a nice harvest the following spring on June 14th. I do not know the cold hardiness for this variety in regions colder than Northern Indiana. I am a zone 5b. I would recommend planting a trial plot to see if this variety is suitable for your region.

Fall Planted Faust