Saladette and Cherry Tomatoes

These plants will be available at our road-side stand this May.



75 days.  This is a new trial tomato for me.  Without trying to make up a description, I will instead just quote the Bakers Creek description. “Elongated, large cherries in clusters. The color (and flavor!) is a full-blown assault on the senses—lavender and purple stripes, turning to technicolor olive-green, red, and brown/blue stripes when fully ripe. Really wild! Fruit holds well on the vine or off, making this amazing variety a good candidate for market growers. Olive green interior is blushed with red when dead-ripe. Crack-resistant fruit is extraordinarily sweet! Wispy foliage looks delicate but belies these plants’ rugged constitution and high productivity. This release from Wild Boar Farms won best in show at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo! These range some in size from a large grape to plum-sized. AMAZING!”


Indeterminate, 70 – 80 days. This tomato was found by Gordon Brown over forty years ago in Brazil. While visiting a nursery a hippie van full of tomato plants showed up. The nursery owner was not interested but Gordon bought some. Brazilian Beauty was the best of the bunch. Extremely delicious and somewhat rare. Mahogany colored with green shoulders. Very sweet!

JAUNE FLAMME   (French Heirloom)juane flamee4 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 70-80 days. Early crops of apricot-colored 4 oz fruit borne on elongated trusses. Excellent fruity flavor and very high in acid. Use fresh, dried or roasted. This is one of the absolute most flavorful tomatoes I have ever eaten! I like high acidity so this opinion is highly subjective.


75 days (Indeterminate) This 2 to 3 ounce, saladette tomato is very good for fresh eating, sauces or drying. Very productive over a long season. Pink fruits are striped with faint green-to-orange. Excellent rich tomato flavor. This is a new take on the famed “Red Zebra”.

RASPBERRY LYANNA  (Russian Heirloom)

Smooth fruit and very productive. Great for fresh eating and canning!  Raspberry-pink fruit is of medium size. Firm flesh is richly flavored and very sweet. This variety from Russia is nearly free of imperfections. This is a new “trial” variety for me this season.

STUPICE   (Czechoslovakian Heirloom)stupice 1000 by 750

Semi-determinate, 55 days. I raise this tomato every year. Consistently early and productive with an excellent full flavor. Red, blocky 3-6 oz fruits. Stupice work well in greenhouse conditions or grown in pots.



Indeterminate, 65 days. New open-pollinated variety. Sweet and full, rich flavor. Dark purplish color. Very productive.


(Indeterminate) Winner of the 2015 SSE Tomato Tasting. A yellow cherry tomato with a sweet, rich flavor and moderate acidity. I like to try a few new cherry varieties every season. This one sounded like a winner!

MATT’S WILD CHERRY   (Mexico wild tomato)matts 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 60 days. Seed collected in the wild near Hidalgo in Eastern Mexico. Vigorous plants loaded with intensely sweet, flavorful red fruits. One of the best tasting cherry tomatoes I have ever eaten! Large sprawling plants require a good sturdy staking system.

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