Paste and Processing Tomatoes


 These plants will be available at our road-side stand this May.

AMISH PASTE   (Amish Heirloom, Lancaster Pennsylvaniaamish pst2 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 85 days. Bright red 8-12 oz fruits. Delicious flesh is juicy and meaty with few seeds. Excellent for fresh eating and processing.


Determinate, 80 days. One of my favorite roma types. The fruit do not ripen all at once. Very delicious and great for making sauce. Also superb for bruschetta! Meaty with few seeds.

PAQUEBOT  ROMA090612_0457 1000 by 750

Indeterminate, 75-80 days. I received seed for this variety a few years back from a Seed Savers Exchange member. I know very little about it’s history but I was very impressed with this variety. The plant is bushy and reaches about 3′ with the fruits tucked up inside. Reliable producer of of large 4” long, firm red roma-type fruits. Very good flavor and few seeds. RARE.

*UPDATE. I have received seed from the original breeder this season (2019). I will only have a very few plants available. I am planning to grow out and save seed for future offerings of this incredible “roma type”.

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