Pepper Plants

These plants will be available at our road-side stand this May.

CRIOLLA SELLA   (Bolivian Heirloom)cirolla sella 2013 1000 by 750

This is a excellent chile pepper for fresh eating. Medium heat with a pleasant citrus flavor. Use fresh in salads, salsa and sandwiches. Also can be dried and ground into powder or flakes. Early ripening with 3” long fruits that are golden orange in color and have very thin skin.


I obtained seed for this chile pepper at a farming conference in Michigan last winter  (2018). The seed was given to me by a organic Mexican farmer who grows crops in Detroit’s inner city. He stated that he had brought seed for this pepper back from a visit to Mexico and had been growing and saving seed for a number of years, claiming that it had become quite adapted to Michigan’s climate. The plants grow to about 3 foot in height and form a wide canopy. The earliest ripe fruit I harvested was in late September and harvest continued right up until the end of October. These average in size from 3″ long to 6″ and turn red at maturity. They are very thin walled and excellent for drying. The flavor is rich, with a mild heat, somewhat similar to a poblano.

EARLY JALAPENOjalapeno2 1000 by 750

60-80 days. This variety of jalapeno I have found to be very reliable here in Northern Indiana. They are not the giant chile’s you find in the grocery stores. These are smaller but with a superior flavor! Can be fairly hot. Meaty fruits are excellent for salsa, pickling and cooking with. Ripe, smoked fruits are called chipotles. Well adapted to northern climates.

JIMMY NARDELLO  (Italian Heirloom)

This fine Italian pepper was grown each year by Giuseppe and Angella Nardiello, at their garden in the village of Ruoti, in Southern Italy until they moved to Naugatuck, Connecticut, in 1887. They grew this same pepper that was named for their fourth son Jimmy. This long, thin-skinned frying pepper has a rich flavor. This variety has been placed in “The Ark of Taste” by the Slow Food organization. Jimmy Nardello ripens to a deep red, is very prolific. Excellent for drying or fresh use.

JOE’S LONG CAYENNE   (Heirloom from Calabria, Italy)

85 days. Circulated through the  Italian-Canadian seed saving community in Toronto before being sent to SSE. Very productive producer of 12” long red peppers. Excellent flavor and medium heat. Great for fresh or dried.

POBLANO “Ancho Gigantea”poblano 1000 by 750

90 days. This is the standard Mexican variety for sauces and stuffing. Excellent for chiles rellenos. Greenish-black, heart shaped fruits measure up to 4” long. Referred to as “poblanos” when fresh and “anchos” when they are ripened red and dried. Adaptable to growing in the north.

PEPPERONCINI  (Italian Heirloom)

Not much I can say new about this popular pickling pepper. This heirloom comes from southern Italy. The 3”-5” fruit has a superb flavor and just a little heat. Pizza? Salads? Fresh eating!

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    I am thrilled and will be down to buy. Thank you so much. Wish you were doing those little melons also. ( hint hint.)

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