Zapallo del Tronco

Not Available for 2018

Cucurbita maxima              52 days

zapallo 3 1000 by 750This bush summer squash is a different species (c. maxima ) than other summer squash like zucchini ( c. pepo). This allows me to grow one of each of the 4 squash varieties, side by side, with no crossing. I have Butternut ( c. moschata ) and a Cushaw ( c. argyrosperma ) for winter squash. I raise Styrian Pumpkins ( c. pepo ) for the delicious pumpkin seeds and now Zapallo del Tronco ( c. maxima ) provides me with a delicious summer squash. This rare variety is from South America. They are resistant to squash bugs. The round fruits are meatier than most other summer squash and the flavor is superb. They are best picked young and are great for fresh eating. I also found this variety to be very productive and continues to set fruit until frost.

Plant in the spring after all danger of frost has passed. Sow seeds 1″ deep in hills, 4′-6′ apart.. I usually plant six seeds to a hill and thin to three plants. You can also start squash indoors 3 weeks before planting in your garden.

Seed Saving: There are four species of squash/pumpkins. Varieties within the same species will readily cross-pollinate. To save seed from varieties within the same species you need to isolate 1/8th mile for home use or 1/4 to 1 mile for pure seed. A good solution is to grow varieties from different species, eliminating the need for isolation.

zapallo 1 1000 by 750

Zapallo del Tronco
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3 Responses to Zapallo del Tronco

  1. Dixie Olsen says:

    We would like to get some seeds for the Zapallo del Tronco “Sherch’s Heirloom”. We were also looking for Zapalito Squash seeds, not sure if they are the same. Can you help us out or let me know where I could find them?

  2. Sean says:

    Squash bugs are a huge problem here in southern Indiana. Have you found these to truly be resistant?

    • John Sherck says:

      I have not found it to totally resistant. This year I lost most of my plants
      to insect damage. This was an unusually wet year and the plants were
      stressed. I am going to switch from the Zapallo to Tromboncino squash
      for next year. I used to grow these for market. I never had any bug issues
      and they are delicious fresh! As you can see I am not offering the Zapallo
      this season.

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