Mini Brown Rocoto Pepper

NEW for 2019

Mini Brown Rocoto (Capsicum pubescens) is the earliest maturing of this type of pepper I have found to date. I have grown other rocoto types outdoors here in Northern Indiana but they usually mature so late that you only get a few ripe peppers, if any, before the onset of winter. This rocoto set fruit in mid-summer and began to ripen in early September. It is also a very dwarf plant and worked great in a pot. I intend to bring mine into the house for overwintering. The fruits are small and turn a chocolate brown when ripe. The flavor is good and, while these are hot, they are nowhere as hot as some of the larger yellow and red rocoto types. A great choice for seed savers as you can grow rocoto peppers with other sweet or hot peppers and they will not cross pollinate.

*Rocoto peppers are slow to germinate. Bottom heat is helpful.


Mini Brown Rocoto Pepper
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