King of the North

Capsicum spp.              70 days

king of the north 1 2013 1000 by 750One of the best open-pollinated bell peppers I have found for raising in Northern Indiana. Blocky, uniform fruits are excellent for stuffing and fresh eating. Ripens from green to red. Great flavor compared to hybrid bell peppers. Very sweet when red. I generally grow this one for  use as a green bell. Start pepper plants indoors 8-10 weeks before setting out in the spring after all danger of frost has passed. I never plant peppers before the last week of May. They are helped along with a support like caging or trellising. Steel wire, round cages work great for peppers.

Seed Saving: Isolate sweet peppers 150′, and hot peppers 500″.

King of North 1000 by 750

King of the North
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