Julian’s Chile Caballo (Rocoto)

Capsicum pubescens

rocoto fruitThis chile was selected because it is a different type from most sweet and other hot peppers (Capsicum annum), and will not cross when grown side by side. My original seed stock comes from Epic Seeds. They have a unique selection of vegetable varieties from Guatemala. This Rocoto pepper was collected by a Guatemalan farmer named Julian Vaszuez Chun, in the village of Cubulco. Rocoto peppers are not typical for raising here in the north, as they require a long season to produce a lot of fruit. I managed to get a small number of ripe fruits at the very end of the season. For greater yields in the north, they could be grown in a pot, and brought indoors over the winter. The plants will get quite large and are also known as tree-chiles . They can live up to four years.

The fruit is very hot and can be stuffed, roasted or used as a seasoning. The seeds are a distinctive black. Rocoto plants should be started indoors a minimum of 8 weeks before planting outside after all danger of frost has passed. Germination can take up to 20 days. Some type of heat source, like a agricultural heating mat is highly recommended.

I have a very limited supply.

rocoto flower


Julian's Chile Caballo (Rocoto)
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