Del Monte Chiltepin

NEW for 2019

I received seed for this wild pepper (Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum) a few years ago. One afternoon in the fall, a Mexican fellow stopped and asked if I would grow some plants for him and his friends in my greenhouse. He handed me a bag of these chiltepins and stated that he had collected them in the wild on a recent trip to visit family in Mexico. I asked him if he knew the name and his reply, after thinking a moment, was “Del Monte”. Aptly named since del monte means “from the mount” which is where he collected the fruit in a mountainous region in Northern Mexico. The following spring I presented him with 2 flats of peppers and stated that there was no charge since I felt having the seed was payment enough. One afternoon, later that Fall, I found a case of Negra Modelo beer on my porch with a thank you note from him, stating how much his family and co-workers (at Earthway in Bristol, Indiana) had been enjoying these tasty, hot chiles.

I grew mine in large pots which were overwintered in my house last year. The plants are now in their second year and have continually produced fruit all summer long. I am offering whole dried fruits (a 5 count), each of which contains an average of 10 seeds. These are very hot. I use them dried and crushed as a condiment for many dishes from chili to more traditional fare.

Del Monte Chiltepin
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