Musan-1 Soybean

Glycine max.               120 days

musan 1 2 1000 by 750Musan-1 was part of my soybean trials in 2014. It is an indeterminate that reaches 34” tall. It is heavily branched with white flowers. The pods contain 3 to 4 beans each. They were originally collected in North Korea. They have a very high nutrition content. 53% protein and 17.5% oil. These performed well for me even though it was an difficult year with all the rain and cooler than normal temperatures. The plants were productive and the harvested beans had few blemish issues. There were a small number of underdeveloped beans, otherwise good quality. I plan to continue working with this bean in the future. Direct seed after all danger of frost has passed in mid to late May. Plant 1″ deep and 2″-6″ apart.

The 2015 grow-out went well. These were the tallest of all the varieties (4′) and had no lodging issues during excessively heavy rains. Yield were high with good bean quality.

Musan-1 Soybean
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  1. christian ortiz says:

    I am wondering how much would it be for me to order a pound of these beans? Thank you very much for your time.

    Have a nice day.

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