Early Brown Soybean

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Early Brown is a variety I obtained from Joseph Simcox. The plants were not as early maturing as some varieties like Manitoba Brown but all the beans were harvested by the end of September. The plants are fairly tall reaching 4 foot in height and were very productive. This soybean was also disease resistant. Suitable for use as a soup bean. I am still researching the history for this soybean and will update this page with any new information. These were grown in a large trial grow-out of 20 soybeans varieties that were shared with me from Joseph Simcox “The Botanical Explorer” at a seed swap in Brown County Indiana in 2016. Joseph’s amazing work has brought to light the amazing diversity of rare food crops from all around the world. Here is a link to his website       https://explorewithjoseph.com/

Soybean grow-outs of seed obtained from Joseph Simcox 2016

Early Brown Soybean
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