Schronce’s Deep Black Peanut


Arachis hypogaea          110 daysschronces deep black 2013 1000 by 750This peanut has been selected since 1980 by North Carolina gardener, Gordon Schronce. He started with 3 peanut shells and a total of seven individual peanuts. Unlike regular peanuts with red skins, these had dark purple, almost black skins. Schronce’s Deep Black is a product of his efforts over the years to select the largest seeds with the darkest skin color. Schronce’s is probably related to a heirloom peanut called Carolina Black.  Schronce’s has a darker skin than Carolina Black and more peanuts per shell (3-4). This is a new variety of peanut for me that I have started to try in Northern Indiana. It is too early to say if Schronce’s is as well-adapted to the North as Tennessee Red Valencia, but if this last season’s crop is any indication, the prospects look very promising. Unlike Tennessee Red Valencia, this variety requires hilling.

Plant in the spring after all danger of frost has passed. Sow 1″-2″ deep and 6″-12″ apart in rows or beds. Harvest in the fall when the plants yellow or frost threatens. Peanuts should be well-dried (6-8 weeks minimum) before storing. I have a limited amount of seed for sale this year, but I plan to continue growing these to increase my stock for next season. Schronce’s Deep Black peanuts are delicious with a sweet flavor. The story is that Mr Schronce’s favorite way to eat these is to fry up a mix of black and red-skinned peanuts in canola oil. Sounds pretty tasty to me!

Seed Saving: Isolate peanut varieties by 1 mile for pure seed. An alternative is to cage different varieties grown in close proximity.

Fruiting peduncles

Fruiting peduncles

Peanuts drying inside

Peanuts drying inside

Schronce's Deep Black

Schronce’s Deep Black

*Peanuts are sold in their shells.

Schronce's Deep Black Peanut
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