img_7484This is a selection of lentils I trialed this season. Northern Indiana is not the best area for growing lentils, due to the early onset of hot temperatures and rainfall in the spring/early summer. I direct seeded all of these on March 30th. I was surprised at how well they did. I am offering small amounts of seed for each of these varieties for those who want to experiment. My best advice for those in the Midwest, is to plant as early as possible. Keeping them weed free is also img_7752essential for a good crop. I also supported mine to keep them out of the dirt during heavy rainfall. This might not be an issue if planted closer together. The small plants send out tendrils and grab on to each other. In effect, they become self supporting, similar to field peas.

*Lentils can be a bit tricky to grow in the Midwest, given the chance for wet and warm spring/summer weather. I am offering this seed primarily for the purpose of preservation. I recommend that you select and save your own seed!

The original seed for these varieties came from KUSA Seed Society.



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Brewer Lentil


Crimson Lentil


Spanish Lentil


Lentilles Petite

Italian Lentil