Potawatomi Rabbit Bean

pot-rabbit-1This selection of cowpea came from a seed exchange I attended in 2015 at the Jijak Foundation in Hopkins Michigan. The Jijak Foundation is operated by the Gun Lake Band of the Potawatomi Indians. I have very little historical or cultural information regarding this cultivar.

I was amazed at how quickly this variety grew and began to produce beans. Of all the trials I have conducted for cowpeas, this has proven to be the most suitable for growing in the north. It produces very tall and vigorous vines that are disease resistant and very productive. They also produce a very large pea. This one is somewhat rare but deserves to be grown in wider circulation! One consideration, rabbits devoured all of the lower pods. The top pods were fine. This may be a reasonable explanation for the name “rabbit bean”. Of course, my experience is that rabbits will eat any bean, except Lima beans.

Seed Saving: Isolate cowpeas and asparagus beans by 50′ for home use, 150′ for pure seed.



Potawatomi Rabbit Bean
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