Aquadulce Fava Bean

img_7486After a few seasons of trial and error, I finally found a fava bean that grows fairly well here in northern Indiana and can mature viable dry seed. Aquadulce is a 19th century Spanish heirloom. It produces very early. I direct seeded at the very end of March and harvested mature seed in the middle of July ( approx. 100 days). I did have some issues with lodging after heavy rains in the middle of June. I ended up supporting my plants with twine.

This season had a unusually dry spring/early summer. This fact alone could be a major img_7598contributor to the success I had with Aquadulce. Indiana spring weather can be quite wet, warm and humid. I plan to continue working with this variety and others in the coming seasons to better adapt to a broad range of spring weather conditions.

*Black aphids are a very common pest on Fava beans. If left unchecked they can spread disease and stunt or even kill the plants. Using a strong spray of water works well to dislodge them, as does the occasional dusting with diatomaceous earth.


Aquadulce Fava Bean
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