Terminillo Winter Wheat

Terminillo is an old strain of wheat developed at the “Royal Wheat Growing Research Center” in Italy sometime between 1907 and the beginning of World War 2. It was one of many famous wheat lines bred by Prof. Nazareno Strampelli.

This wheat is cross of  Reiti wheat and a rye (Vanni), although I would not consider it to be a triticale. As I understand (limited as it is), the initial cross of wheat and rye was then further crossed back with wheat. The purpose was to add cold tolerance into a bread wheat. I will update this site if I come across more detailed information.

My grow out of Terminillo was planted October 1st 2017 and harvested at the end of June the following spring. The plants averaged about 3 1/2′ tall and did well even with the excessive rainfall in the spring. Terminillo is a free threshing variety.

*I am offering this seed for the purpose of preservation. Grain fill in my region (northern Indiana) is less than one would expect in areas more suitable to raising spring wheat (more arid). This variety will need selection and adaptation to improve grain fill, yield and disease resistance in regions with frequent spring/summer rains, humidity and heat.

I recommend that you plan on saving your own seed!

Terminillo Winter Wheat
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