Largo Heritage Wheat

NEW for 2019     *Seed Grown in Taft, California

Largo (Long wheat) is a Mexican “landrace” bread wheat. I obtained a small amount of seed from Mexico in 2017. It is reported to be over 250 years old. I have little other historical data at this point. I sent this seed to a friend, Kevin Payne, in Taft, California for growing out.  His climate (hot and arid) is superior for certain wheat varieties and he returned to me a generous portion of gorgeous grain. Kevin is a farmer-chef, and experimented with the Largo in various bread recipes. He stated that he believes this wheat to be delicious and suitable for a variety of bread types from sourdough to flat breads like tortillas or pitas. I have decided to offer this grain as the very first that I did not personally grow on my farm. I currently have a fall planted trial underway. I would recommend Largo for growers in hot and arid regions. I have yet to see how it performs here in Northern Indiana.

*There is a variety of modern wheat in the USDA seed bank called Largo. I am fairly certain the strain I am offering is not the “Largo” in the USDA. The Mexican Largo had extremely long awns (both black and light colored). The plants tillered heavily and grew well in extremely hot and dry conditions. It also had a lot of diversity of # of tillers and plant height within Kevin’s grow-out. All these indicate a heritage variety and not a modern, uniform variety.

Largo Heritage Wheat
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