Black Zanduri Wheat

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T. turgidum subsp. timopheevii

Black Zanduri is a landrace wheat from the Republic of Georgia. I obtained my original seed stock from a wheat grower in Vermont a couple of years ago. In the spring of 2018, I planted a trial plot which had very poor results here in Northern Indiana. On the contrary, the grower in Vermont did have good success with a spring planting and reported it as being “robust and disease resistant”.

I decided to try the Black Zanduri as a fall planted winter wheat, and planted a large bed on October 1st (2018). About 3/4 of the plants survived the winter and I had much better results. The 2018 spring planting produced plants that had few tillers and grew to a height of about 2 foot. The Overwintered plants tillered heavily and grew to a height of about 3 1/2 – 4 foot. My yield was still very modest and only about 1/2 of the grain heads had seed. There were also some issues with disease (fusarium) but this was hardly unexpected, given the record breaking wet spring and early summer we experienced (2019). A grow out in Southern California produced mixed results with small grain heads and had some disease issues there as well.

I would state that this variety has the potential to be fairly “free threshing” under the right growing and harvesting conditions.

I am offering seed for the purpose of plant preservation. Black Zanduri is an important historical variety and will need some adaptation and selection to improve yields in regions with hot, rainy and humid growing conditions. I am offering seed spikelets from my overwintered planting. Grain fill and germination may be somewhat inconsistent. I will include 10 grams of my spikelets and also include a couple of whole grain heads supplied by Kevin Payne, from his grow out in Taft, California.

Black Zanduri
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