Rice types can be categorized as either Upland (rainfed or irrigated) or Lowland (flooded paddy) depending upon the growing system they were adapted to or bred for. I have learned that most rice varieties can be successfully grown using either method, with varying yield potential. I offer both upland and paddy types. All varieties are grown on my farm using upland methods. Varieties listed without a designation of “upland” or “lowland” are ones I am unsure about. 

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Duborskian seed heads

Duborskian Upland Rice

Hayayuki Lowland Rice


Loto Upland Rice


Vialone Upland Rice


Cho Seun Upland Rice


Se Zic Upland Rice

Amaura Upland Rice

Zerawchanica Upland Rice

Carnaroli Rice

Purple Jomon Upland Rice

Kyzyl Shala Rice

Kon Suito Rice

Krme Upland Rice

Nigrescens Rice

Daido Rice

Si Ga Ohata Mochi Rice

Kagama Dango Mochi Rice

China Black Rice

Mamoriaka Upland Rice

Dichroa Lowland Rice

Philippine Long Grain

Primanychskij Rice

Novelli Gigante Rice

WIR 911

Agostano Rice

Sputnik Rice

Zhe 733 Rice

Kendzo Rice

Severenyj Rice

Kurumiwase Rice

Hunan Early Dwarf

Early Sutarsar

Niquen Rice

Ao Mari Wase Akage

Hokkajdo Rice

Java Long Grain