Walpole Island White Flour Corn


Walpole Island White also known as “Negzekneg” or Bnugzegnug”, is a flour corn of the First Nation Reserve, which would include the Ojibwe, Potawatomi and Odawa peoples. I came across this corn in the fall of 2015, when I attended a Harvest Festival and seed swap at the Jijak Foundation in Hopkins Michigan. Part of the festival was a “husking bee” using this corn. I was very impressed at the length of ears, some nearing 15″ and was able to get a¬†generous¬†bag of seed. I finally got a chance to grow this corn in the summer of 2017 and am pleased to offer it.

Walpole Island white is an 8 row flour corn. The plants averaged about 7′ in height, with most producing 2 ears. The longest ear was 13″, with most at about 1 foot in length. This is a late corn and matured for me in 115 days.

Here is a video highlighting Jijak Foundation’s work to save seed including the Walpole Island White


Walpole Island White
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