Mskigwat Flint Corn

img_8858I obtained the seed for this beautiful flint corn at the Fall Harvest Festival (2015) put on by the Jijak Foundation in Hopkins Michigan. The Jijak Foundation is part of the Gun Lake Band of the Potawatomi Indians. They had a seed swap and this is one of the many varieties I came home with that day. I have minimal historical information at this point. I did get some info from Stephen Smith of SOPI (Seeds of Preservation Independence). Mskigwat is a Potawatomi word that refers to any red corn. I also learned that Mskigwat Flint was selected from a very old Potawatomi calico cultivar by the Gun Lake Tribe, specific to the “Bradley Indian Settlement”. One possible parent would be a variety called Carol Barker Flint. When I obtain more historical information, I will add it to this page.

I also learned from Stephen that this variety was used as a hominy corn. That hominy was then used for making “damnaboo”, a wood ash hominy corn soup.

This variety did well for me although it did have some lodging issues when we were hit mskigwat-tasslewith some periods of heavy rain during the summer. Most stalks produced 2 ears. A few produced 1 ear and one plant produced 3. Many of the ears were 1 foot in length. It matured in about 100 days. I believe there is a lot of genetic diversity in the seed I obtained. About 1/2 of the ears produced reddish kernels, ranging from bright red to a very dark red. Those ears I selected and that is the seed I am offering here. The other ears were a mix of dark (near black) and calico, with colors ranging from green, red, blue, white, yellow and brown. One plant produced all chocolate brown seed! Those traits will be part of future grow-out’s as I “unpack” the diversity contained in that handful of original seed.

* This variety may produce some ears that are multi-colored “Calico” in appearance. That is the genetics of the older parent corn being expressed. A purple, yellow and white kernel ear would be a close expression of the “Carol Barker Flint”, which is one of the original parent corns.







Mskigwat Flint
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