Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackt Barley

COMING for 2020

I normally do not create pages for crops that I do not have seed available to sell, but Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackt is special. I received a small amount of seed from Petr Vorbil in the Czech Republic last winter. Four plants germinated and produced a fair amount of seed. I am planning for a larger grow-out next spring and plan to have this available for 2020. This is an incredibly beautiful 2 row barley with very long blond awns and blackish hulls. The grain is what I would call semi-hulless and dark purple/black in color. I am primarily excited because I suspect this may be a heritage malting barley, given the region in Germany it is from. The Weihenstephaner brewery is considered to be the oldest, continuously operating brewery in the world, dating back to the Weihenstephan Abbey Brauerei , 1040. I am not intending to make a positive link between the brewery and this variety at this point. I am still researching and will update this page with any new information. Still, it would be pretty darn cool if Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackt proved to be a heritage malting cultivar from Germany.

Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackt
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