Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackt Barley

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Hordeum vulgare convar. vulgare var. duplinigrum

I received a small amount of seed from Petr Vorbil, Czech Republic, in the winter of 2017. I planted the following spring (2018). Four seeds germinated and produced well. This spring (2019) I planted a larger plot and had a good yield of quality seed. This is an incredibly beautiful 2 row barley with very long blond awns and blackish-gray hulls. The grain is what I would call semi-hulless and dark purple/black in color. I am primarily excited because I wonder if this may be a heritage malting barley, given the region in Germany it is from. The Weihenstephaner brewery is considered to be the oldest, continuously operating brewery in the world, dating back to the Weihenstephan Abbey Brauerei , 1040. I am not intending to make a positive link between the brewery and this variety at this point, but it is interesting. I have found records of a Cereal Breeding Station in Weihenstephan back in 1914. This variety could be linked to that early agricultural work. Beyond that, I have no other detailed history for this variety but I am continuing the search. I also know that it has been entered into the Svalbard Seed Bank in Norway.

*This variety is very suitable for spring planting but, it can be fall planted in regions with mild winters where the lows do not drop much below freezing. I have not attempted to fall plant this variety here in Northern Indiana but it was successfully overwintered in Southern California by Kevin Payne. I am offering seed grown by me here in Northern Indiana.

Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackt Barley is listed in the PGRDEU (Plant Genetic Resources in Germany) as a “Red List” variety. This means that it is a native, endangered domestic crop. Weihenstephan is a part of a town called Freising in Bavaria, Germany.


Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackt
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