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9 Responses to Resources and Community

  1. Ron Sherck says:

    Great website. Looking forward to gleaning more of your wisdom.

  2. James Clanton says:

    Just ordered 5 orders of the Kwintus beans. Can’t recommend them more highly. We grew it two years ago here in Upstate SC and we found the flavor and tenderness was much better than any other bean we’ve grown. They produced all summer into the fall. The plant kept going and going. Even at 10 inches long the pods cooked up tender.

    Last summer we tried to grow them, but with an average of about 5 inches of rain a week, nothing would grow. Hoping for a great summer with Kwintus this year.

  3. John, your commitment to provide quality vegetables, plants and seeds to others to create health to your customers, our environment and community stands out!! I am so impressed every time I talk to you, your knowledge is vast and worth anyone’s time, I always learn something new. I really am excited you are committed in using our Earthworm castings as one of your staples for providing health to your soil, our environment and your customers.

    Thank you, Brenda

  4. Bill Anglin says:

    I just bought some tomato plants from John. These plants are by far the highest quality Heirlooms I have ever bought. The color of the plants along with their stem diameter are superb. I have nothing but high regards for John and his commitment to quality…It shows in every plant!


  5. Mala says:

    Very good website with excellent information. My best wishes for spreading good culture in food and nutrition.

  6. christy says:

    I am a committed customer of John Sherck as he grows high quality plants. All I can say is you best get em’ before I do!

  7. rick ritter says:

    looking forward to continuing our growing saving rapport, i can always trust your seeds to be what you say they are or more, peace my friend

    • John Sherck says:

      Thanks Rick, Sorry I have not communicated much as of late. I finally finished all of the garden cleanup yesterday and finished the website update today. My 2016 growing season is finally over! Now all I have to do is cook food and fill seed orders for the next couple of months.

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