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Upland Rice Planting Instructions

Rice seeds should be soaked in water 24 hours before planting. I start my plants indoors in April in plug flats, 50’s and transplant into beds after the last frost date. I recommend not leaving plants in flats for more than three … Continue reading

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Krme Upland Rice

“Krme rice, an obscure variety that may translate as Little Pigs?!” Krme is a possible Russian or Serbian upland rice. I have little information regarding this cultivar. The seed was sent to me from Petr Vorbil in the Czech Republic. … Continue reading

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Fall Planted Cereal Crop Seed Available

It is that time of the year again to start planning for winter grains. Here in Northern Indiana, I usually plant around the first of October. Our Hessian Fly date is September 15th. With the uptick of strange weather I … Continue reading

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Ready to Take Orders for the 2018 Growing Season

This season I have expanded the selections of Upland Rice, Wheat and Barley. Improved grow outs have enabled me to offer larger packets of some items like the Hourani and Dika Wheat, as well as some of the KUSA barley varietals. … Continue reading

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