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Ready For The 2016 Growing Season

I have finally completed all the updates to my website and am ready to take orders, help with questions, and connect with new growers worldwide. This is my 25th year growing plants as a business. In that time I have … Continue reading

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2015 A Difficult Season with Unexpected Results

Another season is drawing to a close and am I ever so┬áready for some rest from working in the fields. This year I planted more area than ever before, primarily because I had so many new crops to trial out. … Continue reading

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The Amazing Diversity of Cereal Grains

It has been a while since I have posted anything, chiefly because I have been swamped with work this spring and early summer. Another challenging year as I expected, with weather extremes to boot. I stopped a little early today … Continue reading

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Spring Tomato and Pepper Plants

I am ready to begin offering my heirloom tomato and pepper plants at our roadside stand starting this upcoming weekend. I have 70 varieties of tomatoes and about 30 different pepper varieties, both sweet and hot. I have added a … Continue reading

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Regional Seed Bank Proposal

I have created a group on Facebook called Michiana Community Seed Bank. If you live local and would like to be apart of the discussion go ahead and join. This is just a starting point. It is not “my” project, … Continue reading

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Regional Seed Bank for Northern Indiana?

I put the feelers out yesterday on facebook about the idea of some type of regional seed bank for our area here in Northern Indiana. There was some definite enthusiastic interest. I would not necessarily want to limit folks interested … Continue reading

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Spring Plant Lists Available Online

  I have completed updating the lists of plants I will have available this spring starting around the end of April and running through until the end of May. I will be selling from my roadside stand at 56549 State … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about growing ALL your own food.

    I have spent a lot of time over the past 20 years pondering the idea of growing all my own food. Within the last couple of growing seasons, I have attacked this idea with a new fervor, having … Continue reading

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Ancient Wheat and Heritage Barley

This last season I trialed out a number of spring-planted wheat and barley varieties. I want to compliment my existing winter wheat varieties with one or two spring-planted varieties. The logic being, if you lose the winter crop, you still … Continue reading

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Multi-Purpose Crops

  When I consider my favorite crops to grow, I always judge this question through various criteria. The obvious considerations being: flavor, yield, disease-resistance, etc. There are, however, many other qualifiers that sometimes get overlooked. The idea of dual or … Continue reading

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