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Sium sisarum          Perennial Vegetable     Zone 4 Skirret is a perennial root vegetable that was at one time popular in American and European gardens. The skirret plants are around 4′ tall with white flowers resembling Queen Anne’s Lace. In the fall … Continue reading

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Earth Pea

Lathyrus tuberosus         Perennial     Zone 5-6The Earth Pea, or Aardaker, which means “earth nut” in Dutch, is a perennial vegetable closely related to the perennial sweet-pea flower. It produces small tubers (1″-2″) which can be harvested in the fall or spring. The sweet tubers … Continue reading

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Calorie Crops, Carbon Crops and Staple Crops

I thought I would take a crack at defining some commonly used terms around our farm. In an ongoing struggle to describe exactly what is the purpose of my business/passion, I find that these phrases get a lot of usage:  calorie crops, carbon crops, … Continue reading

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Perennial Vegetables

My interest in perennial vegetable production is two-fold. The first reason is to add an underscoring layer of stability and security to our farm. The idea of a food crop growing on the periphery of our cultivated beds with minimal attention … Continue reading

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