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Ready For The 2016 Growing Season

I have finally completed all the updates to my website and am ready to take orders, help with questions, and connect with new growers worldwide. This is my 25th year growing plants as a business. In that time I have … Continue reading

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Chinese Mountain Yam

Dioscorea batatas    Also known as cinnamon vine. This variety of wild yam generally produces one large tuber which can be harvested after a couple of years. (I have found them to regularly produce more than one) There is another variety that … Continue reading

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Japanese Mountain Yam

Dioscorea japonica  Another variety of “Wild Mountain Yam”. Very similar to the Chinese Yam, except this variety produces tubers that grow more like sweet potatoes. Instead of growing straight down like the Chinese Yam, these grow more horizontally and are somewhat easier … Continue reading

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Spring Plant Lists Available Online

  I have completed updating the lists of plants I will have available this spring starting around the end of April and running through until the end of May. I will be selling from my roadside stand at 56549 State … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about growing ALL your own food.

    I have spent a lot of time over the past 20 years pondering the idea of growing all my own food. Within the last couple of growing seasons, I have attacked this idea with a new fervor, having … Continue reading

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Uncommon but Delicious Perennial Root Vegetables

I want to share some thoughts about adding Perennial Tuber and Root Vegetables to your garden. I planted a number of varieties in the Fall of 2012 and spring of 2013. It takes a full season or two for many of these to become … Continue reading

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Welsh Onion

Allium fistulosum                  80 days An excellent perennial green onion that survives the harshest summer and winter conditions. These do reproduce from seed. Flowers need to be clipped if you don’t want a bed of 100 plants to become 1000. They form … Continue reading

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Perennial Veggie Starts available at Goshen Farmers Market

I will be offering a few perennial vegetable starts this Saturday (April 12th) at the Goshen Farmers Market. These will be tubers and bulbs for the following varieties. Chinese Artichokes, Ground Nuts, Jerusalem Artichokes, Tiger Almond Chufa, Chinese Yams and … Continue reading

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Perennial Vegetable Survivors of the Winter of 2013-14

I was exited this last weekend to get out into my fields and see what damage had been done by all the brutal cold we experienced this winter. I had trialed a number of new perennial vegetables that I knew … Continue reading

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Crambe maritime          Perennial Vegetable     Zone 4I have been raising this vegetable for nearly 10 years. It is simply one of the best perennial vegetables you can grow, right up there with asparagus and rhubarb. It is considered a perennial kale and can … Continue reading

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