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Tiger Eye Soybean

I have zero historical information about this very unusual soybean. I obtained my initial seed stock from Joseph Simcox in 2016. Based on the growth habit of this plant I can be fairly certain it is not any type of … Continue reading

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Ogemaw Soybean

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Verde Garbanzo Bean

Verde is a small garbanzo bean (chickpea) from India which has greenish seeds when fully mature. I received my initial seed stock for this variety from Max Nunziata, Italy. The plants are not large, averaging about 2′ tall. They can … Continue reading

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Starry Night Tepary Bean

This northern adapted tepary bean was shared with me from the folks at Linnaea Farm on Cortes Island, BC. It is a selection from Mitla Black, originally from Oaxaca Mexico. The seed I planter were all Black and white speckled. … Continue reading

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Black Flat Soybean

I believe I have narrowed down the identity of this unusual Japanese soybean to 2 possibilities, either Kura Hira Mame (black flat soybean) or Gangui Black Soybean, which loosely translates to “goose-bite black bean”. Both beans are very similar in … Continue reading

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Shichigatsu Mame Soybean

Shichigatsu Mame is a cultivated variety of black soybean from Japan. It contains 41.7 % protein and 22% oil. This is a variety with a very uniform growth habit and maturity. The plants reached a height of 3 foot and … Continue reading

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Rostov Sunflower

Rostov is a traditional sunflower variety from Russia. It produces edible seeds and was quite productive here in Northern Indiana. The greatest difficulty I am finding with sunflowers is the increasing frequency of summer rainfall and high humidity. This can prove challenging … Continue reading

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Baku and Popping Barley Mixture

I am offering this wonderful “unintended mistake”, a mixture of landrace Iranian Baku naked barley and a landrace Pakistani “Naked Popping Barley”. They both got threshed together due to my mistake, as I had hung them side by side in … Continue reading

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Ladalchi Barley

Another variety from the late Anpetu Ohainkesni’s seed collection. Possibly a landrace, naked 6 row barley from Ladakh region in Kashmir administered by the Indian government. I am hoping to have seed available in the near future.

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Khapli Emmer Wheat

Khapli Emmer wheat is heritage cultivar entered into the USDA NPGS in 1908. This variety was collected in Madhya Pradesh India. I obtained my initial seed from the late Anpetu Ohainkesni’s seed collection. It exhibited a lot of diversity of … Continue reading

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