Special-use Garden Plants

The designation “special-use garden plants” refers to crops which have a primary use other than as a vegetative food crop. This would include, fiber crops like Fiber Flax and Cotton, oil crops like Camelina or Safflower, compost crops like Comfrey and any other special purpose plants. This list could grow quite long when you look at the many possibilities. We are currently raising fiber bananas and Comfrey, both perennials, as well as working with Kenaf and Fiber Flax. This area of exploration is exciting as we learn, firstly, what will grow well here in the north, and secondly, when something does grow well, how do you then transform the raw plant material into a textile or press it for oil, etc. These crops will be of special interest in regards to homesteading. We are always looking to network with anyone who has experience with these types of crops or is simply interested, as we are, in exploring the role these crops could play here in Northern Indiana.

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camelina seed 1000 by 750



Black Sesame

Flax flowering 1000 by 750

Fiber Flax

Rostov Sunflower