Peanut Composite Mix

This composite mix is made up of the best tasting and earliest maturing peanuts I have found suitable for Northern Indiana.

I have been growing these as separate varieties for a number of years. I decided to start growing them as a diverse composite in hopes of creating more resilience once the various varieties begin to cross pollinate. This is a slow process as peanuts are naturally self-pollinating and cross at a very low rate. This mixture was grown in a block with the varieties grown very close in spacing and alternating between each variety within each row. This is a first year composite. I will continue to grow this mix out each season and may add additional varieties in the future.

The following varieties were used for this composite mix:

Tennessee Valencia Red –  Excellent flavor and earliness                                                              Black                                   –  A heirloom that has proven to be one of the earliest to mature  Thai Peanut                       –  Excellent flavor                                                                                        Fastigiata Peanut             –  Sweet and resistant to mycotoxins

*Peanuts are sold in the shell.