Timopheevii Wheat

T. turgidum subsp. timopheevii

Timopheevii wheat is also known as Zanduri Wheat. It was domesticated from a wild grass (T. araticum) found in the Caucasus Mountain regions.  This ancient grain is known for its exceptional flavor and resistance to disease. Bread baked using this grain was called the King’s Bread.  Timopheevii  is a hulled wheat similar to Einkorn and Emmer.

My original seed stock came from the USDA. The plants reached a height of 42″ and had many grain bearing tillers (18 – 25). The plants also have very strong stalks and showed no signs of lodging. I  noticed that after numerous rains, from flowering till harvest, the grain heads maintained  beautiful color with no blemishes. After threshing, I was also impressed with the plumpness and quality of the seed. Timopheevii is well suited to Fall planting here in zone 5.

I have a very limited supply of seed. I would urge you to save your own seed from this rare variety of ancient wheat.

*I am offering this seed for the purpose of preservation. This variety will need selection and adaptation to improve grain fill, yield and disease resistance in regions with frequent spring/summer rains, humidity and heat. Sold with the hulls intact.