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*A few of these varieties were grown by my friend and fellow “seedsman” Kevin Payne, Taft California. Kevin grows like me, relying on organic methods and inputs. His seed quality is impeccable and his unique Southern California growing climate (practically the opposite of my climate) has allowed us to continue the important work of seed preservation for rare varieties. 

Fall Planted Grains

Banatka grains 1000 by 750

Banatka Winter Wheat


Dika Wheat


Rouge De Bordeaux Wheat


Xinchan Rice (Wheat)

Jaljuli Wheat


Ble’ Dur Arcour Wheat


Hourani Wheat

Ukrainka Wheat

Timopheevii Wheat

Solina Winter Wheat

Terminillo Winter Wheat

Largo Heritage Wheat

Black Winter Emmer

Akhaltsikhis Tsiteli Doli

Blue Cone Wheat

Ethiopian Purple Wheat

Tapioszele Emmer

Cervena Wheat

Black Zanduri Wheat

Bregenzer Roter Spelt

Wild Winter Emmer

Wild Emmer Mix

Pelon Colorado Wheat

Macha Wheat

T. paleocolchicum

Sinskaya Mix Einkorn

Black and Tan

African Purple Wheat

Georgian Spring Durum

Khapli Emmer