Macha Wheat Mix

Triticum aestivum subsp. macha

This is a mixture of three different landrace macha wheats from the Republic of Georgia. All three have similar heights (ranging from 2′ to 2 1/2′) and similar flowering and maturity dates. While macha is not free threshing, it is easier to dehull than emmer and einkorn wheat. The varieties of macha that I have trialled here on the farm over two seasons have done well with minimal lodging and disease(2019, a very wet year and 2020, a abnormally dry year and hot).

My interest in macha came from an article from The Heritage Grain Conservancy, entitled “The ancient wheats of Georgia and their traditional use in the southern part of
the country”. In that article, macha wheat is described in this way, ” Among its desirable traits are: adaptability to humid environments, rather high resistance to diseases and
pests, ability to produce large biomass; it is less demanding to soils, has high stem; its grain protein content makes 18%; it has good bread-baking quality and good yield potential under conditions of a humid environment, where other wheats become
susceptible to fungus diseases.”


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