Banatka Wheat

batanka 2 1000 by 750This variety of heritage winter wheat was bred by Eli Rogosa. It is a cross of two Eastern European landrace wheat varieties, Bankuti (known for it’s rich flavor) and Ukrainka ( a Hungarian variety that is productive and adaptable, with excellent baking quality ). This last summer was my first time growing Banatka. I could not have picked a better season to conduct a trial. It was an extremely wet spring and summer. Cereal grains can be very disease prone under such conditions. Of all the wheat varieties I grew, Banatka performed the best. Since then I have learned that Heritage wheat varieties from the Baltics have better disease resistance than modern wheat, when grown in rainy and humid climates. I am currently growing a much larger plot of Banatka, in the hope that I can offer larger  seed packets for next year.

Banatka should be fall planted sometime after the Hessian Fly date for your growing region. Here in Northern Indiana, that date is the 15th of September. I traditionally plant my wheat at the end of Sept., beginning of October. I hand broadcast over my beds and lightly rake the seed in. Banatka should be planted a little further apart han other wheat varieties. The suggested distance is approx. 8” apart for the best yield. Wider spacing allows for a more vigorous and deep root system. This will help prevent lodging in areas with frequent spring and summer rains.

Bedouin Bread Recipe using 100% Banatka


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