Wild Emmer Mix

Triticum turgidum subsp. dicoccoides

This is a mixed collection of wild emmer wheats collected in the Levant. They include varietals from Turkey, Syria, Israel and Lebanon. This mixed selection was grown out by Kevin Payne, Taft California. This seed is from an initial grow-out in 2018, that self seeded, regrew and was harvested this spring (2019). These wild emmers are incredibly beautiful, resilient and have an abundance of genetic diversity which could prove useful for breeding projects. The grain yield off of wild emmer is small, hence these are not suitable for using as “wheat berries”. Kevin roasts them with the hull intact (awns removed) and then steeps them for a sublime tea. They could also be sprouted for primordial wheat grass.

This mix includes winter types, spring types and some that are possibly facultative. I am offering them with the awns intact. Fiercely barbed and sturdy; they are worth seeing before you break them off and plant. Wild emmers have a weak rachis (main stem that the individual grain spikelets are attached) which easily allows the individual grains spikelets to shatter and spread. This is a genetic characteristic bred out of heritage and modern wheats.

This mixture will need selection and adaptation to improve grain fill, yield and disease resistance in regions with frequent spring/summer rains, humidity and heat. More suitable for regions with mild winters and arid, hot summers.

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