Verde Garbanzo Bean

Verde is a small garbanzo bean (chickpea) from India which has greenish seeds when fully mature. I received my initial seed stock for this variety from Max Nunziata, Italy.

The plants are not large, averaging about 2′ tall. They can be grown in a row with support or grown in close proximity to one another in a bed, where they will help to support each other, similar to field peas. They grow slowly and need to be kept weed free until established. I direct seeded on April 13th, and harvested the whole plants around the middle of July, once 3/4 of the pods were dry. I hung the plants for another 3 weeks until fully dry, before threshing. Germination is slow. *I will be adding this variety to my Garbanzo Composite Mix in future grow-outs.

I have a very limited amount of seed available for this season.

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