Starry Night Tepary Bean

This northern adapted tepary bean was shared with me from the folks at Linnaea Farm on Cortes Island, BC. It is a selection from Mitla Black, originally from Oaxaca Mexico. The seed I planter were all Black and white speckled. What I harvested was 3 distinct types, black, black and white, and a reddish brown. Tepary beans are known for their drought tolerance, but I can state that this variety was also tolerant of a wet spring, humid summer and wet fall. The only issue is that the maturing beans can split their pods before fully drying down. This seemed to be more of an issue near the end of the harvest window, which started in early September and lasted until the first of October.

Starry Night begins maturing 100 days from planting. They will require a strong trellis, as they grow to about 7 foot tall.

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