Sinskaya Mix Einkorn (Sweden)

This is the original mixture of naked einkorn types sent to me from Ruurd Walrecht, Sweden. I tried growing these last spring (2018) and had a complete failure. The plants grew fine but failed to produce any viable seed. I tried planting again in the fall (October 1st 2018) and had a 40% survival rate. There were at least 3 distinct types (possibly 4) that grew wonderfully and produced seed. One was tall (4 foot), early maturing and had nearly 100% free threshing seed. The second type was about 3 foot tall and matured a couple weeks later. It had seed that was semi free threshing. The third type was the shortest (2 foot), tillered profusely and was the latest to mature (4 weeks later than the tallest variety). The grain heads were small with small seeds. In my trials here in Indiana, this one was not free threshing and had tight hulls like regular einkorn.

A similar experiment with this mix was conducted by Kevin Payne in Taft California. He experienced similar differences in plant height and maturity dates although his medium and short varietals had a much higher degree of free threshing kernels. It is from his trials that the Black and Tan Sinskaya was selected.

Tallest and earliest type, June 5t

Medium height type, very upright, June 5th

shortest and latest maturing type with many tillers

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