Pelon Colorado Wheat (Oaxacan Strain)

This is a landrace Mexican bread wheat which has traditionally been grown by farmers in the Oaxaca region. It is likely over 250 years old and was introduced to that region by the Spanish. I obtained a small amount of seed from Mexico in 2017 from Genis Siso Penalver. He has started a project to reclaim Oaxacan heritage wheats and plans to produce stone milled flour. This variety is from the Mixteca Alta region in Western Oaxaca State, and is in need of preservation.

I have been trialling this out as a fall planted wheat here in Northern Indiana with some nominal success. The seed I now have was grown by Kevin Payne in Taft California. Pelow has been performing well under his conditions; mild winters, hot and arid summers. This wheat is likely facultative (spring or fall planting) but I am unsure of the range north for successful overwintering. I am suggesting that it be fall planted in regions that do not experience winter temperatures that fall much below freezing.

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