Morden Corn

This is a project I have been work for a couple of seasons on. Morden corn is a landrace from Canada, and likely a Native North American variety. The description in the NPGS GRIN is as follows;   “Early maturity (45 days), short stature. Ears 5 to 10 cm., 8 rows, grain white flint. The donor (Troyer) states: “We have made comparisons of Morden with numerous forms of Gaspe and under our conditions, Morden flowers 1 or 2 days before the earliest forms of Gaspe. I believe that Morden is the earliest corn in the world. In addition to flowering earlier, Morden has white endosperm compared with Gaspe’s yellow. Other than these two traits, the varieties are quite similar.”

I obtained my initial seed from the USDA back in 2017. I planted 200 seeds in the following spring and had less than 30 germinate. The yield was very small, only about 35 ears, most of which were poorly pollinated nubbins. From that harvest, I planted 500 seeds this last spring (2019). I had nearly 100% germination and harvested about 3/4 bushel of mature ears. I am seeing some improvement by way of a percentage (20%) larger more uniform ears. The remaining balance was medium sized to nub sized. What I am offering is a mix of all the harvested seed. I have decided not to start selecting for larger ears yet, that will likely be next season. I believe this population to be fairly inbred. I am looking for other sources of Morden in order to begin building a composite mix. *I hope to be able to provide a flavor profile to this page in the near future.

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