Fall Planted Grains Available for the 2019/2020 Season

This is seventh year since I started growing and selling seed here on my little farm in Northern Indiana. I am again, ready to offer my Fall planted grains for the 2019/2020 season. Many changes have occured over these seven years. One major, unintended but welcomed change, has been the opportunity to help in the work of seed preservation efforts for many rare landrace and heritage grains. What I have learned is that a number of these, like durum wheats and other spring planted wheats and barleys can be extremely challenging to grow in my midwestern climate. The increase of spring and summer rainfall these last few years has made raising these crops even more challenging and in some cases, next to impossible. A couple years ago I became acquainted with a grower/chef named Kevin Payne in Taft California. We began to exchange seed and I quickly learned what a huge difference climate and region can make. I sent him a small amount of my best Hourani wheat seed. Later that year he returned seed to me that was, in my opinion, “off the chart”. His Hourani seeds were twice the size of mine, completely disease free and he showed me the real potential for this tremendous ancient wheat. My largest heads grown here in Indiana would yield an average of about 45 grains. The heads Kevin sent me contained close to 150 grains! At this point be began to collaborate more closely to trial, preserve and increase seed stocks for various grains.

This season, in addition to the seed I raise here in Northern Indiana, I am also offering some of Kevin’s seed, including African Purple Wheat, Black and Tan “naked einkorn”, Cervena Wheat, Tibetan Black Barley and a few others. I will be offering some new varieties of wheat from the Republic of Georgia. None of these are available in large quantities. All other crops for the 2020 season will be available sometime in mid to late November, including a number on new, early maturing rice varieties.

Thank you for your continued support.


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  1. I live here in northern Indiana ..I would love to try and grow some of these grains! Please keep me in mind

  2. Michael says:

    Hi John,

    My seeds arrived yesterday and my gosh I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful seed! You are a master at your craft, and I wish I had ordered from you years ago when I first saw the Gaspe you were growing. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs too, lots of great info and pics. Please keep doing what you do, you are making the world a much nicer place to live in! I will send you some pictures of the garden next year with all your seeds growing into big strong plants. I can’t thank you enough, and will make sure to order again as soon as possible!

    Your friend,

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