Ethiopian Purple Wheat

Triticum dicoccum

Ethiopian Purple is an ancient Biblical Wheat variety. This is not the Blue Tinge Ethiopian Emmer, rather this is another North African emmer wheat that is very “free threshing”. It has plump round kernels which are mostly purple, with an occasional brown kernel, when mature. The plants are fairly short at about 2 1/2 foot tall with extremely broad leaves. I experienced no issues with lodging although I did have some problems with fusarium (FHB) likely due to all the excessive rainfall we had here in Northern Indiana this spring and early summer. This can be fall planted in zone 5.

Ethiopian Purple can be used for bread and cooked as a whole grain. My original seed source was Kevin Payne, Taft California.

*I am offering this seed for the purpose of preservation. Grain fill in my region (Northern Indiana) is less than one would expect in areas more suitable to raising wheat. This variety will need selection and adaptation to improve grain fill, yield and disease resistance in regions with frequent spring/summer rains, humidity and heat.

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