Cervena Wheat

Cervena is a heritage landrace wheat from the Czech Republic. It is free threshing and facultative (spring or fall planting). This seasons seed is from an overwintered planting here in Northern Indiana, zone 5b. About 70% of my plants survived the winter (which was brutal with “polar vortex” sub zero temperatures and minimal snow cover). I can only caution planting as a winter wheat in areas that experience colder temperatures than zone 5b.  The plants reach about four foot in height. There was minimal signs of disease and the over all grain quality was good. My original seed stock came from Petr Vorbil, Czech Republic.

Cervena is suitable for cooked grains, cakes and flat breads.  I am not sure of the baking qualities as a leavened bread. The seeds are reddish purple and high in anthocyanins.

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