Black and Tan (Selection from Sinskaya Mix Einkorn)

Black and Tan Einkorn is a selection from the original Sinskaya Mix sent to me by Ruurd Walrecht, Sweden. It is tall and early maturing with extremely “free threshing” naked kernels. Many of the grain ears reached 5 – 6 1/2 inches in length. This selection was made by Kevin Payne in Taft, California. We are offering seed for this selection in the hope of spurring interest in naked einkorn. Based on early observations of vigor,  yield, easy threshability and flavor, we believe this varietal has great potential for farmers, homesteaders and bakers. While there is still a lot of work to be done with Black and Tan, we believe it would be an asset to get some seed into the hands of other naked einkorn enthusiasts. This was the primary purpose for Ruurd sharing this seed with me a few years back. It is and will remain one of the reasons Sherck Seeds exists. To aid in the proliferation of rare and useful seed for farmers, homesteaders and gardeners alike.

I can not guarantee the success of this variety as a fall planted winter wheat in zone 6 or colder. There is still work to be done determining its growing range.

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