Baku and Popping Barley Mixture

I am offering this wonderful “unintended mistake”, a mixture of landrace Iranian Baku naked barley and a landrace Pakistani “Naked Popping Barley”. They both got threshed together due to my mistake, as I had hung them side by side in the drying shed. They are both 2 row hulless types that matured at the same time and look very similar, with no way to seperate them. Not a bad problem at all when one considers that in Europe and the Middle East, growing grain mixtures was historically common and is still practiced today. This mixture is of spring planted types.

I have experimented with popping the mix and found a majority did pop. Those that don’t are still delicious and crunchy (not hard). The Iranian Baku was historically imported into Baku Azerbaijan where it was roasted and mixed with coffee. I tried the lightly roasted mix as a tea and found it to be delicious.

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