African Purple Wheat

I have a scant amount of information regarding this wheat. This variety is being maintained by Kevin Payne, Taft California. His seed stock came an older, retiring farmer who had been growing it for 30. That is all the history I have. All I can add is that this grain is stunningly beautiful! Not “kinda” purple, but unmistakably purple.

It is a free threshing wheat that has roundish purple seeds. I know it can be used as a cooked grain or for flatbreads. I am unsure of its baking qualities as a leavened rising bread. This wheat is likely facultative (spring or fall planting) but I am unsure of the range north for successful overwintering. I am suggesting that it be fall planted in regions that do not experience winter temperatures that fall much below freezing. This is one of the most beautiful wheat grains I have ever seen. The seed I am offering was grown by Kevin Payne in Taft, California.

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