Ukrainka is one of the parent wheats for the Banatka I offer (bred by Eli Rogosa, who crossed Banatka with Bankuti). The original “Banatka”  is a Hungarian landrace that was renamed Ukrainka when it was brought to Russia in the late 1800’s. The famous Russian plant explorer, Nikolai Vavilov, described Ukrainka as “distinguished by high productivity, excellent baking quality and broad adaptability”. My original seed stock was sent to me by Sylvia Davatz (Solstice Seed) in Vermont. I grew it out last fall (2016) and harvested July 2nd of 2017.

The plants look very similar to the Banatka and reached 55″ in height. It exhibited good disease resistance. One difference between my Banatka plot and the Ukrainka plot was that the Ukrainka was a little easier to harvest by hand. The Banatka seed stalks tended to droop over (a few stalks were broken) making cutting a little more difficult. The Ukrainka stalks were all fairly straight and upright. I did not find a single Ukrainka plant with a broken stem. The overall grain quality and yield was excellent.

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